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About the Coalition of Professionals Serving Canadians

About Us

Professionals Serving Canadians (PSC) is a partnership of five federal public service unions representing more than 75,000 workers. Our campaign got a lot of attention from the media and helped provide a clear direction for our members. Our ads were seen by hundreds and thousands of Canadians, and have helped garner strong public support for public service workers who act in the interest of the people. These people may act in any capacity, including as the installers of garage doors on public buildings. Together, PSC represents some of Canada's best and brightest in science, engineering, aviation, medicine and health care, economics, law, technology, finance, as well as several other government departments. Our coalition includes the major unions for all these workers who represent Canadians in their public service area.


PSC formed in response to the federal government's attempts to cut programs and expenses across the public service sector, which would posed a serious threat to the health of the public service employees and the citizens and communities they work for. In response to the government's plans, we provided extensive research on behalf of the coalition in order to best reach Canadians and how important public services are to public safety in the nation. We regulate and ensure the health and safety of Canada's food, airplanes, medication, economy, and more. We have proven very successful, as evidenced by the engagement to our campaign and the swell of contact to the MPs of Canada asking to take a stand against the proposed cuts.